The story so far

Sakari has started as a creative macrame project in 2018. It was winter and I was looking for an activity that would go hand in hand with my growing stomach since i was 4 months pregnant. Since I couldn't find a baby crib that I liked, I decided to get creative and make one myself. Alongside my first son, my fascination for macrame was born.

My long-life passion for interior, crafts and decor kept me going. I became amazed with the endless possibilities of macrame and started to create new ways of playing with the art of weaving and working with different kind of ropes - which ultimately led to creating the first Sakari Smartphone Necklace. 

As a first time Mom I wanted to find a way to enjoy motherhood to the fullest while being able to work at the same time. Organizing my daily routines became a priority.

As much as I prefer not to use my phone too much I started to depend on it - no matter if capturing special moments of our son growing up or running my small business from home, my phone became the helping hand I needed. 

To avoid having to search for my phone all the time I started to experiment and put together the Smartphone Necklace. After putting it into use I added it to my online shop.

The interest grew bigger with each new customer so I decided to expand the Phone Necklace range, while my own family was growing bigger. 

With the birth of our second son my boyfriend came on board to help me run the company and Sakari has since become a family business.

We are overwhelmed with the reach and support and love seeing our customers enjoy their Sakari Smartphone Necklace. 

We are excited to go on this journey together and can’t wait to see where this “adventure” will take us… 

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phone case iPhone Case Sakari